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Resources (WIP)

Below you will find various resources to help you put together your 505th RCT impression. Your first stop should be our kit regs, which can be found below. This will give you an idea of everything you will need for a standard rifleman impression.

82nd 505th RCT Kit Regulations


As a new member to the 505th, you will enter as a Private, typically as a rifleman.

A standard rifleman kit is detailed below with example of what should be worn, and how to wear it.

A golden rule for Airborne reenacting is 'less is more' - you don't need pistols, grenades, knives and

trinkets hanging off your webbing - it just looks silly.

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Between campaigns, the 505th were outfitted with the M-1943 uniform. The webbing largely remains the same between the two impressions, with the exception small details such as the M1936 Cartridge Belt in place of the pistol belt used in Normandy.

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