The 505th are always on the lookout for dedicated new members to join us.

If you've always had an interest in re-enactment, or fancy switching groups for a change of scenery, we will 

welcome you and help you along the way.

How old do I have to be?

For insurance purposes, we can only accept members above 16 years of age.

What do I buy?

Before committing to purchasing gear, which can be quite expensive when it mounts up, we first recommend 

chatting with our unit CO and getting an idea about the hobby. 

We have plenty of gear that you can borrow for your first few events before you decide if it's for you.

Do I have to be physically fit?

Long story short, we are not a group that sits behind a roped off display area for the weekend.

We actively patrol event sites, set up gate guards, do impromptu casualty runs to our aid post, rifle and foot drill, and of course

we partake in battle re-enactment displays at most shows. We do ask a moderate level of fitness to get the best experience.

It's quite common for people to join our group, do a few battles and then make a decision to improve their physical fitness.

Can I fire a gun?

Our group makes practical use of blank firing weapons regularly at events.

We recommend that new members, especially those who have never done the hobby before, attend at least a few shows before they even consider hiring a live firing weapon.

The battle displays are loud, full of smoke and gunfire, and can often times be confusing for the participants. Learning to keep your head in gear during these displays is the biggest learning curve of the hobby, but it also keeps everybody safe.

During your time with the group you will be given a 'buddy' in each battle - typically a member who has been with the group for some time and knows how things go. Once your confidence grows you can then explore your options.

What is expected of me?

Joining our group, our main expectations are as follows:

  • Be pro-active and try to help others, whether it's carrying a Bazooka, taking down a tent or filling Canteens at the water point. We help each other as a unit, and others will help you too.

  • Listen to the advice and don't be afraid to ask questions. We would rather you ask 50 questions and buy the correct kit, than stay silent and have spent hundreds of pounds on items not suitable for our group.

  • Join in and have fun! The troopers of the original 505th were brothers in arms - we will never share the bond they made in combat, but we are a close-knit group from all walks of life who all share a common interest.

What happens at an event?

Most events we attend typically run on weekends from Friday afternoon to Sunday evening.

Friday is a setup day, which means pitching our tents, digging foxholes, etc. Sometimes we will have school visits, where we talk to the kids and answer any questions they may have.

Re-enacting weekends are early starts Saturday & Sunday, with all troopers kitted and ready before the event opens to the public. Some events may require a long setup time in the morning, or we may be camped far away from the actual event site. Sleeping in means you'll be left behind.

During the day we often partake in gate guard duty, helping to welcome the public to the event in our own unique way. This is usually followed by troop talks, firing displays, vehicle runs, battle displays and more. 

Once the public go home, we pack down for the evening and the social time begins. 

At the end of the show on Sunday evening, we pack our kit away, help others take down the tents etc, and make our way home.


Often during events, there will be surprises and new experiences, perhaps a ride on a jeep or a tank - we often joke that we have a 'tick list' of vehicles we've ridden on, etc.

I'm a girl/my girlfriend/wife wants to come along...

We have a dedicated female only Army Nurse Corps section that run a field hospital display attached to our group, who are always looking for new members to help out. Feel free to contact us for more information.

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